ALL THE RAGE - CARA HUNTER ; It's exactly how crime fiction should be!

ALL THE RAGE by Cara Hunter is the 3rd book in the D.I Fawley series. Although, having never read a book from the series before, you certainly don't need too to become immersed in this engaging and easily readable crime novel.

A thoroughly modern story that's set in Oxford, UK, 2018, its less 'Inspector Morse' and more 'Line of Duty' in terms of crime fiction. Yep, that's right, TV's biggest crime series has just met its match. When a college girl (with a secret) is attacked in broad daylight, a small investigation is opened. When another school disappears and is later found dead, things get a lot more serious and a 'roadside rapist' from 20 years earlier is suspected, a case that D.I Fawley was heavily involved in. Was the wrong man jailed for the attacks? it certainly seems so. As the narrative unravels, our protagonist almost takes a backseat, his team take charge, and as two crimes are investigated, are we lead to the same culprit?

Fawley's diary acts a compelling narrative tool giving the reader insight an into his past, and whilst he leads the investigation, to begin with, he's forced to take a step back and we learn more about the investigation team, with strong characterisation and some great police procedural insight.

Cara Hunter peppers the prose with modern cultural references (expect twitter feeds, and screenshots of text messages), fashionistas, the clique click of teenage schoolgirl life, a slippery suspicious teacher, an insidious yet highly believable modus operandi, and easily likeable characters.  It ends not how you expect, it's full of unsuspecting twists and turns, and it compelling throughout - exactly how crime fiction should be!

ALL THE RAGE is published in January 2020 by Penguin

Huge thanks to NetGalley for allowing google books to review our first crime fiction book!