Ted Bundy: The Only Living Witness by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth

Ted Bundy is a name that's synonymous with American serial killers; a true psychopath.

A name that conjures up images of depravity, heinous slaughter of women, and a 20th-century monster. The epitome of the 'serial killer' term. A name that's spawned as many films as books, Bundy's narcissism, escape techniques, matinee star good looks and debonair charm courted controversy in the courts, and on television, giving him an almost stardom status. This book debunks the myth and delves into the psychopathology of Bundy's psyche, a treat for any fan of true crime.

Stephen G.Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth give a first-hand account of one-to-one interviews with Bundy taken within his cell with a tape-recorder, as he gives a 3rd hand account of his crimes and his time on the run. The more in-depth the interviews become, the more you realise the sheer scale of just how psychotic, narcissistic and psychopathic Bundy was.

The prose is well-written, police procedural understandable, and well-paced as the USA police cross states in search of Bundy's victims, heinous crime-scenes and slaughter of young women. The book ends with Bundy finally reaching the electric chair. The only shocking thing is how he got away with it for so long.

Gogglebooks- 8/10