The Flying Scotsman Pocket-Book by R.H.N Hardy

Here's a quick review of a book I read this week. We love True Crime on this blog, but we do like to add a bit of something different too. This is a handy train guide that we purchased via World Of Books who are brilliant at selling this sort of second-hand book. 

For Railway enthusiasts, railwayana fans, and engineers alike 'The Flying Scotsman' is a legendary steam train name. Even those of us who know nothing of Britain's world-leading railway history will still know the name. It's like the 'orient express' almost, images are immediately conjured up when thinking of this magic engine. Being a Yorkshireman myself, (and a budding train enthusiast), I felt compelled to read this pocketbook and to learn more about the L.N.E.R Class A3 pacific 4472's history. 

This book was published in 2013 and acts as a historical account of the trains' career, starting from its birth in Doncaster in the early 1920s, to its final resting place in 2013 at York's National Railway Museum. The book takes us through the trains long and illustrious career via contemporary reports, reviews, ephemera, guides, and also includes some amazing photographs, posters and accompanying technical data of the trains record-breaking prowess. The book is introduced and compiled by the late R.H.N Hardy, himself also a legend of the Doncaster works, so you know you're getting an authoritative voice on this magnificent vehicle.

The book was published by Bloomsbury / Conway in 2013