Our Writer

Ryan B Oxley is a published blogger, copywriter, musician, budding playwright, and bibliophile.
                       Ryan Oxley

Originally a writer for Ocean Colour Zine (a fanzine of Britpop 90s band Ocean Colour Scene) Ryan has continued to write for online publications, off-line zines, and opinion pieces for an array of

Ryan has been a blogger for the Coronation Street Blog since 2017 and has interviewed cast members, attended ITV press events, and written 100's of episode reviews.

Ryan wishes to be a full-time writer and is currently working on an original play

Ryan set up vivalabooks.com in 2020 as an avenue for his creative writing ambitions, having recently written for The Beatles Story and Sheffield Flourish websites. 

Ryan can be contacted for pitches, opinion pieces and freelance work; ryanoxley60@gmail.com