True Crime Podcasts UK

True Crime Podcasts UK 

Are you True Crime obsessed? A True Crime Junkie like us? Do you devour documentaries like a serial killer devours its victims? Do you get ravenous for true crime stories, true-life murders, the mafia, whodunnits, a true-crime detective, maybe? Is the unsolved that catches your eyes, the criminology, the macabre, or even police investigations? It's exhaustive isn't it, so here at, we have rounded-up links of the very best true crime podcasts for you to get your ears into; 

1. Morbidology is a weekly true-crime podcast created and hosted by Emily G.          Thompson. This is everything a true-crime podcast should be. Highly recommended.

2. The Unseen Podcast A podcast dedicated to UK missing people and unresolved cases. #truecrime                  Contact via: for any enquiries. 

3. UK True Crime Podcast The weekly UK True Crime Podcast, hosted by Adam, is the home of UK true crime. With a new episode every Tuesday since 2016, it is where you discover lesser-known UK cases and discovers new perspectives and insights on stories you may already know.

Like a radio show, but not quite, true crime podcasts have become a must for any true crime aficionado, and we at Vivalabooks have devoured quite a few. If you have any recommendations, please contact us and let us know! 

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