Handle with Care - by Rachel Hearson

'Handle with Care' is a timely release when all things are considered. Published by mirror group, this professional confessional is a refreshing first-person memoir of 40 plus years working as a health visitor in a bureaucratic, cash-starved, and often forgotten, NHS.

Before clapping on a Thursday and priority shopping at supermarkets, this integral part of the healthcare profession was often ridiculed and not applauded like it is today.

From midwifery school to eventual health care visits, and raising a family herself, Rachel gives a startlingly refreshing and heartfelt life story that is as much social history document as it is a diagnostic on social health in the 20th century.

Rachel is a hard-working Mum who's passionate about her cases and delivers an intelligently warm narrative which comes across well in this warts and all account. Where it may lack in real life case-by-case examples of practising healthcare ( a lot of personal life stories here) the cases that are discussed offer an insightful and often thought-provoking look at life on the frontline of our ever-changing and politically charged healthcare services. Our only criticism would be that the impassioned covid19 epilogue should have been put at the start of this book - very inspiring stuff!

HANDLE WITH CARE  is published by mirror books on 11-06-2020