Born Killers? by Dr Kris Mohandie - USA True Crime! Mirror Books

Published 03/09/2020 by Mirror Books 

Over his 30-year police and forensic psychology career, Dr Kris Mohandie has come face-to-face with kidnappers, serial killers, stalkers, and terrorists.

With his expertise and insight, Dr Mohandie analyses and evaluates the thought processes that motivate the most dangerous people who have ever walked among us.

This first-hand account of his work covers shocking cases like the 'Angel of Death' serial killer, racist serial assassin Joseph Paul Franklin, and even the O.J. Simpson case.

Dr Kris gives us the reader a great insight into his 30-year career with analysis of infamous USA cases of hostage-takers, serial killers, mass murderers, violent 'true-believers', terrorists, and some of the worst criminals in recent modern history. Each chapter dives deep into the psychology of the criminal, including socio, political, and culture influences, the relevant litigation, and cases that Dr Kris had personal insight in. A highly intelligent and addictive read, this is a must for any budding criminal psychologist, true crime fan, or Netflix crime series obsessive, like my good self! 

DR Kris has appeared on CBS, CNN, BBC, and hosted the investigative discovery shows Most Evil and Breaking Homicide

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