Dr Hammond's Covid Casebook by Phil Hammond PRIVATE EYE'S ESSENTIAL NEW BOOK.


As vital as a Covid jab itself, this book works as an essential guide to the past 18 months of lockdowns, masks, slides, and analyses of how right/wrong the UK got its pandemic management. 

Beginning in March 2020 and running right through May 2021, each chapter includes that weeks daily COVID stats (official GOV daily figures). As the book progresses, you can't believe your eyes. This could be a horror story of nightmarish proportions, but unfortunately, it's all very true. 

Aside from Dr Phil's astute, well-balanced, and thoughtful fortnightly articles, it's those figures that ramp up just how badly the UK Gov have managed this pandemic. This book should be an educational tool in 50 years - it is essential reading. I would envisage a part 2 being published in future, as this farce is far from over!

As a Private Eye subscriber, let me be the 94th person to tell you to buy this book. Put down the tabloids, sensationalist social media sites, your smartphones, & turn off your TV. This book is what you really need to read to learn about Covid-19. 10/10 

Great stuff guys! - bogbrush 

@rybazoxo writing for vivalabooks.com