The "Mr. Big" Sting: The Cases, the Killers, the Controversial Confessions by Mark Stobbe

What's the book about? 

The RMCP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have been using the ‘Mr Big’ technique for decades. Over a hundred people “got away with murder” until an undercover police officer (AKA ‘Mr Big’) tricked them into confessing. Mark Stobbe’s brilliantly researched book (he has some personal experience too), gives great insight into the policing tactics of ‘Mr Big’, high-profile cases. Quite a few of the cases covered also look at when the sting practice didn't work at all. It’s a subjective narrative that sets out its stall right at the beginning of the book. 

Within the book's pages, we meet murderers such as Michael Bridges, who strangled his girlfriend and buried her in another person's grave! Bridges remained free until he told ''Mr. Big'' where the body was. We also meet people like Kyle Unger, who lied while confessing to ''Mr. Big'' and went to prison for a crime he did not commit. The "Mr. Big" Sting is essential reading for anyone interested in unorthodox approaches to justice, including their successes and failures. It sheds light on how homicide investigators might catch and punish the guilty while avoiding convicting the innocent. 

How does A ''Mr.Big'' sting work? 

The ''Mr.Big'' sting also looks at how the practice has been used across the world. Some particularly interesting cases have occurred within the USA, UK, and Australia. Some success, some not, but Mark Stobbe goes into great detail to explain the pitfalls and successes of this seemingly coercive sting operation. 

Is it any good? 

If I lived in Canada, I'd enjoy this even more I think. I'd be interested in reading further follow-up books that cover cases across the globe. A great read for any true crime fans. 

Our Rating

VivaLaBooks Rating -3 / 5 

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