Murder on the Dark Web: True tales from the dark side of the internet by Eileen Ormsby

Format - Kindle Edition

Published - June 22nd 2020


Series - Dark Webs True Crime #2

This is our second e-book True Crime review (courtesy of Kindle Unlimited) and we are pleased to report that; 

A) we read it in one sitting and B) there are more books in the series!!

The term 'dark web' needs little introduction in the internet ear of 2021 yet still poses many questions; is it all encrypted? It is as sinister as we imagine, and what will we find there? I've never ventured into the dark web myself, but I'm not new to TOR nor TAILS which are both needed to access this 'unseen' and criminal enclave of the internet. Imagine a heinous insidious version of eBay where you can buy or sell drugs, guns, and gangsters, even murder-for-hire. Often exaggerated with folklore, the prime real example would be the website SILK ROAD, which we heard about on a True Crime podcast.  

This second book in Eileen Ormsby' dark web series, Murder on the Dark Web tells two true crime stories, both which intrinsically linked by this very modern phenomena. One from the USA and one from the UK. The three-part format remains, however, a great introduction describing what the dark web is. This sets the tone for the reader giving insight, should it be needed. Both stories are intriguing, well known, and wonderfully told. The narrative remains objective, and the facts are dished out, with newspaper reports, interviews, phone call transcripts and masses of research in the storytelling. An absolute joy to read we can't wait to delve into the next book in this series. 

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By @rybazoxo for @VivaLaBooksHq 

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